Do’s & Don’ts

What You Need To Know

Responsible residents living in our community know the rules and live by them. That includes the proper use and operation of association property, from community pool to the lawns and exteriors of every unit and common area.

If you are new to Casa Park Villas or unsure about the association’s rules, carefully review and follow the list below. Doing so will save you time and money, minimize frustration and upset, and keep you in the good graces of the Board.

  • DO use your two allotted parking spots
  • DO use the Pool during pool hours
    • Oct to Mar 9am – 6pm 
    • Apr to Sep 9am – 8pm
  • DO tie up your trash bags and orderly dispose of them in the dumpsters
  • DO get an electronic pool key from your landlord or VISTA CAM management company if you are an owner.. Only one pool key is provided to each household.
  • DO supervise your children at all times when using the pool. Your child must NOT run, dive, or get in the personal space of others.
  • DO maintain the external appearance of your home and keep Casa Park Villas looking good!
  • DO clean up after your dog. Failure to comply is a violation of Seminole County and is a finable offense. You also invite the ire of your fellow neighbors who expect you to be responsible and courteous.
  • DO keep your dog on a leash at ALL times. This may seem like a matter of common sense, but some owners still fail to heed the warnings.
  • DON’T exceed 15 miles per hour when driving within the community. Children frequently play in our streets or use them to walk to and from school.
  • DON’T have a dog over 29 pounds and/or more than one pet.
  • DON’T use VISITOR parking if you are a resident for a third vehicle. Visitor spots are reserved for your guests and are carefully monitored by the Board. Your vehicle will receive one warning and then any time afterward, it will be subject to being towed. You will be responsible for retrieving your vehicle from the impound lot and paying all applicable fines. Some residents prefer to “game the system”, thinking they can outwit the association, but the community is too small to go unnoticed for long.
  • DON’T park any commercial vehicles inside Casa Park Villas property
  • DON’T feed the wildlife at Casa Park Villas
  • DON’T park on Casa Park Villas’ streets, on grass, or in spots where old dumpsters used to be. Violators will be towed at their own expense, without a written warning, and will be billed any applicable damages to sod, sprinkler heads, and association property.
  • DON’T throw away furniture, appliances, treadmills, construction waste etc. around the dumpsters. You will be charged $125 if you choose to violate this, this is what we have to pay for EACH item to be removed.
  • DON’T bring alcoholic beverages into the pool area. The use of alcohol is strictly prohibited. All activities are recorded via pool cameras and can be verified in the event a complaint is lodged.
  • DON’T provide pool access to anyone who is NOT your guest. Pool repairs and maintenance are an ongoing expense of the association. The pool is intended explicitly for Casa Park Villas residents and their guests. The electronic pool gate cards track your usage and can be deactivated when homeowners are behind on their association assessments.